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Why WebTrader?

With fluctuations in the market today, customers need an advanced trading platform designed to enable instant access to global financial markets.

Cubes Trading

Designed to accelerate the Trading, Trading cubes can be preconfigured to include instruments and batch sizes that you want to display by default.

Social Trading

The Social Trading Trader offers access to real-time transactions other community Trader It allows the trader to imitate the strategies of other successful trading within the community. The RSS contains the last 100 social real-time transactions executed by other Trader and pending orders and updates placed by other members.

Analysis and real-time graphics

Tab analysis and graphics, real-time access to all the statistics and analysis Traders. These functions provide? Also an abstract? Trading by selected period Tendances

A powerful tool for Traders online provides additional information on the market major currency pairs and the current market trends?.

Trade execution with a single click

Trading environment very friendly

The possibility? view and copy the actions of other traders

Intuitive charts and graphs.

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